Deforestation: Trees have life and we all need them to survive.

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Wake up, save our own forest. Avoid cutting trees, protect our HEAVEN { EARTH}.                                 


Timberland gives a home to billions of different flora and fauna all over the planet. They play an essential role on the planet’s carbon cycle by adjusting ozone harming substance emanations, making the air breathable, and safeguarding against environmental change.

But the company is removing all the trees and making industries, roads and commercial apartments. This is because of population, human activity and other factors too….

With dramatic development in human population and gradual elimination of natural vegetation and environments of other living creatures for urbanization,industrialization in both developed and under developed nations there is enormous scope of  removal of trees in tropical and subtropical areas  on this planet {EARTH}.

During school time when I was in class 6th

St. Marry High School

It was the time when I participated in the drawing competition in which I made a painting of nature. Then on 7th April we went to the zoo with my school teachers and all my classmates.

We reached the zoo and the teacher asked us to make a group and follow a path. When I was exploring nature to make a painting, I was not able to find many trees.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise which was of cutting trees. There was a gang of people who used to cut down all the trees. Then I asked to my teacher why these people are cutting all the trees but my Teacher didn’t reply to anything! After that I got a piece of paper and made a painting of DEFORESTATION. Where I show all these activities of humans.

As per the data Forests cover approximately 31% of the total land surface of the Earth. Between the years 2000 and 2021, over 700 million acres of forest has been claimed by deforestation. Approximately 9 million acres of virgin tropical forest was cut down in the year 2021.The Amazon rainforest, which is the source of 20% of the world’s oxygen supply, loses approximately 1.45 acres of its area every minute due to deforestation.

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