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We have always learnt in our life, all living beings are related to nature. Not only living beings, but all man-made things are also related to Mother-Earth. We can’t deny the fact everything on the Earth is interrelated. So how does this work? It’s all give and take relationship, which not only applies to humans, but also to everything.

This is cycle on Earth which everyone should be aware of. Humans and herbivorous are dependent on trees. Carnivorous are dependent for food on herbivorous. Food is dependent on soil and water. Water is part of rain, not to avoid oxygen which is provided by trees. Not a single things on the Earth is self- dependent.

If we talk about current Covid situation, that’s all because man has not taken his duties seriously which are related to Earth. Humans are the most abundant species. They can control many things as they want. But sometimes we forget there are things too, which we can’t control.  As result of this every minority species has to suffer. Things are little complicated now. We can’t find direct correlation between things which are actually related to each other. Like relationship of emotions of a person with the globe. An emotionally strong person can know what will be the impact of his kindness on various species living on sphere. Hence making Earth more valuable resource to live on.

We can look upon positive side too. Tree plantation has always worked for all for the creatures. We can’t live without oxygen. What we provide nature, it always pays us back. We need to avoid harmful things, like plastic.

Moreover, everything can change and we can’t predict. We have to be cautious about our actions. People are now aware of needs of nature. We always need to improve to grow and have a good life.

This mechanism of interdependence, teaches us to love the Mother Earth, and also all the things which are living with us.

                                                                                        -Nikita Gathibandhe

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