Nanotechnology: The modern technology owes Ecology an Apology

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  •  Introduction

 Nano technology was discovered in 1974 a Japanese scientist was the first to use the team name “nano technology” . It is an emerging field , there are various industrial and commercial uses of nano materials which affects the ecosystem. Carbon nanotubes were discovered in Japan. Now over 400 products in use alone and discovery in the world 6432 products of {NPD} nanotechnology products database. It is small to detect  and it harms the environment.

  • Impact of nanotechnology

 Impacts of nanotechnology in manufacturing methods, water purification system, energy system, physical enhancement, food production, auto-affirmation are the major sectors where nanotechnology improves the production or change to their methods. which reduces labor, land, or maintenance of humans.

Health impacts of nanotechnology

If nanoparticles have poor solubility, they can cause cancer. It is used in emerging fields. It will provide good /bad health if it has two aspects.

  • Medical applications

In further nanomedicine is the medical application the range of medical use of nano materials has increased . It will deliver valuable research tools and devices in the near future . The national nano- technology expects it to include advanced drug delivery systems and new therapies.

  • Environment impact

 The impact of nanotechnology is the materials and devices . It is an emerging field, there is debate regarding what industrial and commercial use of nano materials will affect the organisms and ecosystem . it can split into two aspects.

 1: The potential for nano technological innovation to help improve the environment.

2:  Nano technological materials might cause harmful effects if released into the environment .

  • Environment applications

  Green nanotechnology refers to the use of it and enhances environmental sustainability . If development the clean technologies to minimize potential environment and human health risk associated with the manufacture and use of products that include nano technology .

  • Pollution

  Nano pollution is the generic name for all waste generated by nano pollution or during the nano materials manufacturing process. Nano waste is mainly the group of particles that are released into the environment.

  • Social impact

  It risks human health and environment toxicity with first- generation nano materials. Over 800 nano – related patents were granted in 2003, in 2012 they nearly 19,000 . It may provide solutions for developing countries who lack access to basic needs like safe water, energy, health care  and education, the effects on society, human health and environment on trade , and security on the food system.


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