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Water Pollution: Make a notion of saving the ocean

Water роllutiоn is а рrоblem and it is getting wоrse.  There аre mаny саuses оf wаter роllutiоn аs well аs  mаny  wаys  tо  helр  deсreаse  wаter  роllutiоn.  There  аre  mаny  things  we  wаnt  tо  knоw  аbоut  wаter  роllutiоn  like,  whаt  is  the  mаin  sоurсe  оf  wаter  роllutiоn,  whаt  аre  sоme  everydаy  рreсаutiоns  we  саn  tаke  tо  аvоid  wаter  роllutiоn,  аnd  hоw  саn  we  better  infоrm  рeорle  аbоut  wаter  роllutiоn?

These  аre  аll  greаt  questiоns  thаt  deserve  аnswers  sо  first  оff,  we  аre  gоing  tо  disсuss  whаt  the  mаin  саuses  оf  wаter  роllutiоn are

Domestic pollution:

Simple things like cooking, cleaning and washing products cause water pollution. It is estimated that the average person consumes 80-100 liters of water daily. Thus, water use and other daily activities can cause water pollution. This is because much of the waste and chemicals from these activities end up in the water.

 Industrial pollution: 

Industrial companies that use and produce paper, chemicals, and food mills, contribute to water pollution. The materials used in the industrial world are often not properly disposed of and dumped into the water. The substances mentioned are toxic and harmful to human and animal use.

Radioactive waste: 

Radioactive waste can cause many diseases in the human body and in animals. Among the most serious side effects of radiation exposure are hair loss, abrasions, diarrhea, and vomiting. The main sources of radiation are nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, and bombs.

Oil pollution 

Oil pollution is  one of the most common forms of pollution today. It occurs when oil vessels leak into the water. It is estimated that more than a million tons of oil has been pumped out of the water by leaks in oil tankers.

How can we help stop water pollution 

Adjust everyday habits 

There are many things we can do at home in our daily lives to help stop water pollution such as …

1. Turn off the water when we wash dishes, wash our hands, or bathe

2.Do not spill the medicine in the toilet

3.Do not dispose of waste such as wipes, diapers, and paper towels

4.Avoid using plastic bags when recycling them

5.Do not dump rubbish in rivers, lakes, or any other water source

use soil-friendly chemicals in cleaning the house.

A good way to help with water pollution is to let others know what causes water pollution and how they can help prevent it. You can let people know by

Organizing small classes that teach people the basics of water pollution.

Sharing water pollution facts on social media

Informing people in everyday life the realities of water pollution.

Water Pollution

So, finally, adjust your daily routine to help with water pollution to inform others of the realities of water pollution and that helps us all.

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Water Pollution

You destroy life when you destroy water…….

-Eshita Das

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