Welding Human to Green

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By: Smriti Jain

To understand human nature is to grasp the essence of what it is to be Human. As it is said, essence is often held to relate things of different kinds to each other. So, it is crucial and laborious to couple or weld human to green, that is connecting human to nature. As its 21st century societies are faced by rapid urbanisation and population growth which will be picked up forever. Human activities such as pollution, burning fossil fuels which gives greenhouse gases, global warming, deforestation, changes like these have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, impotable water. We as a human being know how the environment is affected by our activities but we do not take to control it. Though there are many schemes launched by the government and signed pacts with foreign countries to maintain sustainability in the environment , there is something lacking and that is awareness. Here it means humans have to accept that whatever activities are done by them are not eco-friendly and they do not know how to make balance with natural resources.

Increased emissions of greenhouse gases have caused temperature to rise which is causing catastrophic events all over the world. From driving to brushing teeth to wasting, each habit is affecting the environment in some or the other ways. Disposal of batteries and ink cartridges which contain toxic chemicals that damage the wild life and sea life. As in our country India, 70% of all household trace and waste that eventually end up in landfills that is because of plastic containers and plastic bags etc. Corporate companies are found to be complicit in deforestation, for example they will announce a new environmental sustainability plan but this will continue as soon as public pressure is there otherwise, they will simply slip back into their old bad habits.

Nature-based solutions are often referred to as being innovative but they should not include exclusively new solutions. Government should strictly make rules and regulations for throwing waste garbage on the roadside or in sea lakes etc. Mainly in semi-urban cities of India they should dispose of waste, they should keep dustbins with proper distance. There are many ways to protect our environment by purchasing recycled product, conserving natural resources. We should approach people around to join awareness camps and foundations by which they will also learn how to make clean surroundings and they can also encourage their families and friends.

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