Comprehensive Guide to MBA Admission in Pune: ISMS Pune's Offerings

Introduction: Why Pune and ISMS Pune are Your Best Choices for an MBA

Pune isn't just another city; it's an educational powerhouse, especially when it comes to management studies. If you're eyeing MBA admission in Pune, you're aligning yourself with excellence. Among the top MBA colleges in Pune, ISMS Pune distinguishes itself with an industry-focused curriculum and global exposure.

But why Pune? The Government of Maharashtra is heavily investing in education and development. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Maharashtra allocated a whopping Rs. 74,830 crore (US$ 10.18 billion) to sectors like education, sports, arts, and culture. That's 17.2% of the state's education budget, higher than the national average. This investment isn't just in education; the state is also promoting Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in diverse sectors like IT, pharma, and textiles. So, when you choose an MBA program in Pune, you're stepping into an ecosystem that's designed for holistic growth.

This article serves as your comprehensive guide to MBA admission in Pune, focusing on ISMS Pune's offerings, from MBA duration to course fees. If you're looking to align your career with current industry demands and future economic zones, ISMS Pune is your go-to among MBA institutes.

Breakdown of MBA Course Duration and Fees at ISMS Pune

When considering MBA admission in Pune, understanding the MBA duration and course fees is crucial. ISMS Pune, one of the top MBA colleges in Pune, offers a variety of MBA programs to fit your career goals and budget.

1. MBA in Business & Innovation (Dual Certification)

  • What It's About:  A blend of modern management techniques and innovation skills, designed for placements in the corporate world.

  • Duration & Fees: This program has been operational for 13 years and spans two years. The first-year fee is ₹4,30,000.

  • Affiliation: Affiliated to AICTE and under Savitribai Phule Pune University.

  • Unique Features: The course encourages creative thinking and includes an Employability Skills Development Program.

  • Accommodation & Food Charges: Ranges from Rs. 1,24,000 to Rs. 1,38,000, depending on room sharing options.

2. PGP MBA (Triple Certification)

What It's About: A unique program combining strategic management and IELTS training, aimed at creating highly skilled individuals.

Duration & Fees: Another two-year program, with the option to progress to the UK for a second MBA degree.

Certifications: MBA + BTEC (UK) Extended Level 7 Diploma + PGP.

Features: Includes 200+ hours of professional training and optional study trips to the UK or Mauritius.

Accommodation & Food Charges: Similar to the MBA in Business & Innovation, ranging from Rs. 1,24,000 to Rs. 1,38,000.

3. MBA International (Twinning Program)

What It's About: A program offering UK education, focusing on management techniques and personal skills required by today's managers.

Duration & Fees: This two-year program offers the unique opportunity to study in the UK, with fees for the first year at Rs. 3,90,000 and the second year ranging between GBP 8500 to 11500.

Features: Earn while studying in the UK and avail of a Post Study Work Visa (PSW) for two years.

Maintenance Fund: Required for UK entry, varies based on the location of study in the UK.

4. Master's in Sports Business Management (Twinning Program)

What It's About: A course designed for those seeking a career in sports business, focusing on industry principles and creativity.

Duration & Fees: Another two-year offering, focusing on sports business management.

Unique Selling Point: Emphasizes the 3 I's of Excellence: #Innovation, #Integrity, and #Inspiration.

Features: Offers sport volunteering opportunities and a two-year Post Study Work Visa (PSW) in the UK.

Maintenance Fund: Required for UK entry, varies based on the location of study in the UK.

Whether you're looking at MBA duration or MBA course fees, ISMS Pune offers transparent and varied options, making it a standout among MBA institutes in Pune.

Criteria for MBA Admission at ISMS Pune

When it comes to MBA admission in Pune, ISMS Pune sets the bar high with a comprehensive selection process. As one of the top MBA colleges in Pune, ISMS Pune looks for candidates with a robust academic background and the skills to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

Selection Process

Candidates are advised to take national-level entrance exams like CAT, CMAT, or MH-CET for PG courses. The Central Admission Team screens applications and schedules Personal Interviews (PI), either in-person or telephonic. Shortlisted candidates undergo counseling at ISMS Pune.


For PG courses, candidates need a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in graduation from any statutory university. For SC/ST candidates from Maharashtra State, the requirement is 45%. Final-year students can also apply, subject to meeting the minimum aggregate criteria.

Registration Fees

Upon admission confirmation, a registration fee of Rs. 50,000 is required to secure your spot. Admission and loan letters are issued upon receipt of the registration fee.

By meeting these criteria, you can be part of one of the top MBA institutes in Pune and invest in a program with transparent MBA course fees and a well-defined MBA duration. Choose ISMS Pune for your MBA admission in Pune.

Conclusion: Shaping Your Future with ISMS Pune's MBA

Pune, a city renowned for its educational excellence, is the ideal destination for MBA aspirants. Among the top MBA colleges in Pune, ISMS Pune shines with its industry-aligned programs and global exposure opportunities.

But what makes Pune the ultimate choice? Maharashtra's substantial investments in education and the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) set the stage for holistic growth. Choosing an MBA program in Pune means stepping into an ecosystem designed for success.

This comprehensive guide has unveiled ISMS Pune's offerings, from MBA duration to course fees, giving you the insights needed to shape your future. Whether it's the innovative MBA in Business & Innovation, the unique PGP MBA, the global exposure of the MBA International, or the exciting world of Sports Business Management, ISMS Pune offers tailored options for your career.

With transparent MBA course fees and a robust selection process, ISMS Pune stands as one of the top MBA institutes in Pune. Elevate your career by choosing ISMS Pune for your MBA admission. Join a legacy of successful alumni who have secured high-salary packages, including roles in top-tier companies like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Capgemini, and Reliance, and explore diverse sectors such as Finance, Operations & SCM, and Marketing, with companies like Bajaj Finserv, Factset, Johnson Controls, Thermax, and Nitor.

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