IntroductionThe UK is the second-largest educational center for foreign students, with approx. 400 universities. The best thing to do is to make great interactions with students from a variety of backgrounds. People who experience a whole new world and support their networking. Students are introduced to the various facets of the industry, including marketing, banking, human resources, and management.The degrees from the United Kingdom have been recognized globally. They have inspired many aspirants to achieve their dream jobs and even to serve as entrepreneurs. Along with an Outline of the whole business world, students can choose to specialize in one of the business areas at a more advanced level. Many UK universities deliver MBA as the most sought-after business degree. Students study in the UK to achieve their dreams and goals to become a better version of themselves.Why study in the UK? Study in Uk The one-year cycle of the MBA in Britain draws worldwide interest. The course attracts students of all ages as it provides MBA for a shorter length. This curriculum allows you to build a wider view of problem-solving on a global basis. The UK is a preferred place for many foreign aspirants to graduate.                                MBA International: A golden opportunity for Indian Students. MBA internationalISMS brings you a course MBA International. This course is for 2 years one year in Pune and next year in the UK. Yes! The UK, you heard it right. The curriculum consists of 180 credits, the specialty of this course is it will complete your 90-110 credits from Pune itself, and the other remaining credits will be completed from the UK. The degree which you are getting will be Level 7 of BTEC Pearson which is the UK’s largest educational body. If you go to the UK directly you have to give entrance exams, and you will be clueless about its education system. You have to work part-time in the UK and study the curriculum of 180 credits. In India, the college will make your life a bit easy which is to groom you with IELTS coaching, how to write your assignments, and help you to understand the UK education system.Most importantly, you will have a clear idea of the UK education system. Choosing an MBA International will be helpful as it helps you to complete some of the credits and even will prepare you for the UK. ISMS gives credit exceptions and provides a scholarship for an MBA. Apparently, in ISMS:

  • Study the first year at our Campus in Pune and proceed to the UK’s leading universities in the Second Year.
  • Twinning Program combines the Academic Professional Program. Level 7 Extended Diploma with MBA from Business & Technical Education Council (BTEC).
  • The choice to choose UK Universities as per your Budget & Venue.
  • Studying in the UK, students will work part-time in the UK to earn complete work placement which is 20 hours a week
  • Flexibility for selecting second-year course length.
  • The second year of stay in the United Kingdom will be paired with a one-year internship.
  • Gain international exposure by studying with students from a wide range of countries.
  • A systematic understanding of the latest issues and emerging insights, and critical knowledge of them.
  • Work/Internship/Dissertation Project 


  • Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, England
  • University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England
  • University of Roehampton, London, England
  • Bedfordshire University, Luton, England.
  • Staffordshire University, Stoke on Tent, England
  • University of Chester, Chester, England
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales
  • Bath Spa University, Bath, England

Scholarship facilities Studying abroad is costly if you are studying for a world-renowned MBA. What would you like if you knew that with the assistance of bursaries you can cover your research costs?Several items are awarded in the Bursaries. There are two forms of MBA scholarships, one is internal which is by business schools and the other is external. A Need-Based MBA bond refers to students who set out their financial struggle to pay for the degree without additional support and who are engaged in studies. You can study in the UK with scholarship amenities which is provided by various UK universities and colleges.Visa Achieving your MBA from UK top universities, the reputable organizations of India may receive a salary up to INR 95 Lakh per year. Some well-known UK institutions provide sponsorship to students who want to remain in the UK after their MBA for the extension of their Tier 4 Visas. This is going to help you to repay the used training loan to study in the UK and you need to return to your home country to save more money.Visa allows you to work 20 Hrs a week on a student’s visa. The student visa for the UK will be for 16 months for a 12-month program in the UK. In the remaining four months you will be helped to search for a job that doesn't leave you the only option to hurry to your homeland. The laws regarding student visas are changing, which means that the new facts should always be taken into account. Life in the United KingdomLife in UK while studying MBA in UK

  • The environment of the country which offers a perfect fusion of global cultures is amazingly easy to succeed. People of various cultures and current thoughts merge entertainingly. It is extraordinary to try exotic cuisine, find new spots, or make new friends in a cosmopolitan town with global ties.
  • The shorter length of MBA programs in the UK is a big advantage, namely that the total cost of research fees and living costs is reduced to nearly half. The MBA cost can vary from university to university in the UK. Tuition fees range from £10 000 to £15,000 and can cost up to £45 000 in Oxford and Cambridge.
  • The cost of living would depend solely on where you chose the college. The tuition fees for studying in London are approximately INR 1.15 Lakh a month. You will need INR 1 lakh a month for other locations in the UK (except London). You will normally have to live in any part of the world for about 25 to 30 thousand rupees a week. It is only an approximate amount and ultimate costs are specified in compliance with your lifestyle.

I would like to conclude that the UK is an excellent country to pursue an MBA degree. It will give students an opportunity to boost their careers.

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