Your Gateway to Global Opportunities: MBA Course with UK Work Permit


The aspiration to become a global leader resonates with many today. Graduates, working professionals, and budding entrepreneurs alike are drawn to the promise of international exposure, world-class education, and the opportunity to stand out in a competitive landscape.

In 2021, over 200,000 Indian students chose to study management abroad, a trend expected to grow by 10% annually. The allure of foreign education is strong, but the average cost of USD 50,000 per year can be a barrier.

Simultaneously, the global talent pool is thriving, with an 80% expected growth by 2030. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are skills in high demand, and India is well-positioned to meet this global talent need.

Enter ISMS Pune's MBA Courses, a gateway to global opportunities without the exorbitant costs. Offering quality education, international affiliations, and a UK Work Permit, this program is designed to transform local talents into global leaders.

In this article, we'll explore ISMS Pune's MBA Courses, delving into the MBA course fees, MBA duration, and the unique UK Work Permit opportunity. Let's uncover a path where global dreams are not just possible but within reach.

MBA Courses at ISMS Pune

ISMS Pune's MBA Courses are tailored to meet the demands of the modern business world, with a focus on international exposure and quality education. Here's what sets these courses apart:

International Exposure

ISMS Pune offers an MBA (International) with a professional qualification from Edexcel BTEC, UK. The Masters in Sports Business Management (Twinning Program) provides global career opportunities in sports management.

Quality Education

With various specializations in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, and more, ISMS Pune's courses are designed for excellence. The MBA - B & I (Dual Certification) includes an additional Certification of Strategic Leadership & Management. The faculty consists of experienced professionals with industry and academic backgrounds.

Recognitions and Affiliations

ISMS Pune's PGDM Programs are approved by AICTE, ensuring adherence to quality standards. The institution has also received awards and recognitions, including the Certificate of Achievement from the Higher Education Review and the Dr. Radhakrishnan Institutional Excellence Award 2020.

In the next section, we'll explore the MBA course fees, the unique UK Work Permit opportunity, and how ISMS Pune's MBA degree can be a valuable investment in your future.

MBA Course Fees and Affordability

MBA Course Fees and Affordability at ISMS Pune

Investing in an MBA degree is a significant decision, and ISMS Pune offers competitive MBA course fees that align with the needs and aspirations of the students.

Competitive MBA Course Fees

ISMS Pune's MBA courses are priced competitively, providing a range of options to suit different budgets. 

Compared to the average cost of studying management abroad, which can be around USD 50,000 per year, ISMS Pune offers a quality education at a fraction of the cost. 

For specific details on the fees for each program, please visit the ISMS Pune website.

Scholarships at ISMS Pune

ISMS Pune provides ample scholarship opportunities, aimed at supporting students from financially disadvantaged communities and rewarding academic excellence.

MBA Scholarship (Internal):

These scholarships are offered on a merit basis, depending on the scores received in accepted national-level entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, MAH CET, ATMA, and more. They extend throughout the duration of the student's study at ISMS Pune.

MBA Scholarship (External):

For students wishing to complete their second year abroad, ISMS Pune offers scholarships in the form of educational bonds. The extent of the scholarship depends on the performance in the previous qualifying examination, ensuring continued financial assistance during their stay abroad.

Value for Money

With a focus on quality education, international exposure, and affordability, ISMS Pune's MBA degree offers value for money. The competitive MBA course fees, coupled with scholarship opportunities, make it an attractive option for aspiring global leaders.

MBA Duration: Tailored to Your Needs

ISMS Pune's MBA duration is designed to fit the diverse needs of students within their MBA courses. The institute offers various programs to cater to different career goals and preferences:

Full-Time MBA (International):

A two-year intensive program for those ready to dive into the business world. This MBA degree provides a comprehensive understanding of management principles and prepares students for leadership roles.

Twinning Program:

An innovative approach that allows students to spend part of their MBA duration in the UK, gaining international experience. This program offers a unique opportunity to learn from global experts and immerse oneself in a different culture.

MBA - B & I (Dual Certification):

This program offers additional certification in Strategic Leadership & Management, enhancing the value of the MBA degree.

ISMS Pune's focus on flexibility ensures that students can choose the MBA duration that best fits their needs and aspirations. The competitive MBA course fees provide value for money, offering an MBA degree with international exposure at a fraction of the cost of studying abroad.

The UK Work Permit: A Unique Opportunity

ISMS Pune's MBA Courses offer a unique opportunity for students aiming for international exposure. The UK Work Permit associated with certain programs is a game-changer in the field of management education.

Work in the UK: The collaboration with Edexcel BTEC, UK, allows students to explore opportunities to work in the UK after completing the MBA degree, opening doors to a global career.

Global Network: Studying with ISMS Pune not only provides quality education but also helps in building connections with international companies and professionals. Top recruiters include globally reputed companies, ensuring a strong placement record.

Career Growth: The international work experience gained through this program can significantly enhance career prospects, setting you apart in the competitive job market.

This unique blend of MBA Courses, international exposure, and the opportunity for a UK Work Permit makes ISMS Pune a compelling choice for aspiring global leaders.


ISMS Pune's MBA Courses offer a gateway to global opportunities, providing quality education, international exposure, and a unique UK Work Permit. With competitive MBA course fees, flexible MBA duration, and a focus on building global leaders, this MBA degree is a valuable investment for a thriving international career.

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