Trees have life and we all need them to survive

With dramatic development in human population and gradual elimination of natural vegetation and environments of other living creatures for urbanization, and industrialization in both developed and underdeveloped nations there is an enormous scope of removal of trees in tropical and subtropical areas on this planet {EARTH}.



We have always learned in our life, that all living beings are related to nature. Not only living beings but all man-made things are also related to Mother Earth.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Water роllutiоn is а рrоblem and it is getting wоrse. There аre mаny саuses оf wаter роllutiоn аs well аs wаys tо helр deсreаse wаter роllutiоn.


Welding Human to Green

To understand human nature is to grasp the essence of what it is to be Human. As it is said, the essence is often held to relate things of different kinds to each other.


Nanotechnology and future effects of Nano pollution/Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an area of investigation and creation keen on building 'things' - generally, materials and gadgets - on the order of iotas and molecules.

Big Data

What exactly is Big Data?

Unstructured and structured big data are two types of big data. Structured data is information that has already been stored in data


What is the Importance of Delegation?

"Delegation may also be a clear statement that you accept your subordinates' talents and trust their judgment."

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